Blackstone Edge

Good morning! I’ve been enjoying the last week of my maternity leave, so blogging went down my priority list for a few days. I missed it though, and that’s a good sign. As in I got off my tired, mildly hungover arse this morning and finished processing some shots I took the other week in Blackstone Edge. All whilst minding an energetic, porridge covered Baby E since 5:30 AM.

For those that don’t know, Blackstone Edge is an area of moorland on the Greater Manchester/Yorkshire border. And it is absolutely stunning, especially on a late autumn sunny day. So we hopped in the car to see what we could see.

My favourite moment was when I walked up a hill to take some shots from what looked like a mini power station with a bridge. I stopped for moment, taking in the sound of the wind in the long grass. It was a luxurious few minutes of peace and contentment.

Here are a few of my shots, with my new Photostop skillz applied. I have simply added two adjustment layers to each image. The first one was Brightness & Contrast and the second was Hue, Saturation & Lightness. It was simply a case of playing around with the levels until I liked what I saw, but taking into account the tutorials I’ve done. I had taken good shots with the correct shutter speed and f-stop, in that my light reading was balanced; it was just about jazzing up what was already there.

So without further ado – enjoy!

One of the many stunning vistas in Blackstone Edge

Taken after a muddy walk up to a power station

I'm not sure how much ice cream this van sold...

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