Lighten Up and Shoot

Yet another blog post early in the morning while Baby E watches Postman Pat (I sense a posting trend here!) feeling a teensy bit fuzzy after a few glasses of cava last night (another posting trend, but to to be fair, we had a friend round to belatedly celebrate her 40th…)

I’ve just finished my first week at the new xmas temp job, and boy, was it jumpin’ jumpin’.* Our first taste of juggling childcare with both of us working was a tough one, and next week will be even tougher. But that said, it felt good to be out in adult land earning a crust, even if that crust was a meagre ¬£6.08/hour.

Anyhooo. It feels like my most popular posts are when I post up my images, and that’s good to know. I had nearly 100 visitors for the Blackstone Edge photos, which was ace. So I’ve got some ideas for my next theme, and will get to work on that this weekend.

In the meantime, I thought I would mention an online resource that I’ve been enjoying. Becky from the excellent The Mothers¬†photo blog mentioned it to me when she was here doing our shoot.

Lighten Up and Shoot is a refreshing site run by two professional photographers who are based in South America. In their own words, they wanted to bring some fun to the world of pro photography. For myself, I really enjoyed the friendly tone of their tutorials and the real sense that they are sharing their “secrets”. With the high cost of equipment, it’s great to find a resource that tells it like it is – where you need to spend your money, and where a cheaper alternative will do.

One of their great ideas is the Backpacker’s Studio – enough equipment for a professional location shoot that fits in one bag and is assembled in no time. Here’s the video:

After I get my new camera, this is definitely what I’ll be aiming for in terms of my next equipment investment.

(* Destiny’s Child reference, in case you were wondering.)

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One thought on “Lighten Up and Shoot

  1. Would definitely recommend the ‘backpackers studio’, however don’t put that Westcott soft box up outside unless you’ve got a weight with you….the result isn’t pretty!

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