Got milk?

This is going to be a post created with lightning speed and efficiency – well, speed anyhow. I had plans to spend a few hours before my shift working on Photoshop tutorials but as always seems to be the way, instead I crammed in lots of mundane but quite necessary errands into a few precious child free hours before work. Still, I was determined to post – and I set myself the challenge of photographing, processing and blogging in 45 minutes. I had the subject in mind, and I knew I could apply my newly learned Camera Raw skills that I managed to work on at the weekend. (At least I think it was; my memory is not what it was PB – Pre Baby.)

And so here we are. As I mentioned in my About Me, I’m raising extra funds for my new camera by finding vintage bits and pieces and selling them on eBay. But as any flea market junkie will tell you, sometimes you find something that you just can’t bear to sell on. It’s probably not worth that much anyhow – but there’s something about this old milkman sign that captured my heart. It’s made of tin, it’s charming and it cost me all of £2 from a lovely lady at the market in Hebden Bridge.

I shot in RAW format with a slow shutter speed to get a 4.5 aperture to allow interesting depth of field, but used my YN560 speedlite for fill light, playing around with the angle of the flash. Then I simply tweaked in Camera RAW in Photoshop to my liking, applying the tutorials I practiced earlier. Hope you like them and enjoy!

Vintage British milkman sign

My lovely milkman sign from another angle

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