For relaxing times, make it Santa-ory time

Happy new year! It’s been a busy December, with work, life and babe – so a distinct lack of recent posts, I’m sorry to say. However I have more time now to get back into things, and I have a bunch of shiny lovely new equipment – so I’m all set to go.

I’m very excited to say that I’ve just upgraded to the Canon 550d, and I’ve loved shooting with it so far. Paired with a snazzy 50mm prime lens, I haven’t even needed to use a speedlite yet – that’s how powerful it is in comparison to the Nikon D40.

Anyhow, it’s about time I posted a new shot. But first, some background. I signed up for the Digital Photography School’s email newsletter, which is always packed with links to useful articles, guides and free tutorials. The Christmas lights bokeh article caught my eye, and seeing as we have a tree this year, I decided to have a go. (Bokeh, in case you need to know, is the blurry background that, if done correctly, highlights your subject and adds a pleasing aesthetic quality to your images. It is normally only achieved by playing around with your depth of field, so you need to be shooting in manual in order to control your aperture.)

The fella had just opened a fine bottle of whiskey he’d received as a present, and I loved how the light bounced around the glass and liquid. This was my best shot.

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